The Getting It Wrong List

Hundreds of multi-billionaires are missing in the vapor of their wealth stuffed into their private foundations.  A wrong-headed street-intellect assumption is they have formed an oligarchy and now vie to rule the world, distracting us with their wonderfulness. The truth is far dire; they have tucked themselves away in their private boardrooms happily overlooking their empires of goodness, adapting and maneuvering to sustain themselves among one another, while all the while the world is burning, slowly almost imperceptibly into ash and dust with much of it under authoritarian rule.

Of course, a lot of good things can be listed, a miasma of them in fact, blinding in relevance and superior purposefulness. Yet we know it isn’t working in concrete ways that are enough ahead of the game to say we believe life on our planet is a good thing for most of us. Something is missing, help count the ways. I want you to join in this practice of finding out with ways to let them know because they need to know, we all do.