Connect Senate Issues

Senate Members & CD9

NYS-63 Senators
32 Democrats 31 Republicans  (I know I need to update this and will I can think of a reason)

The relationship of constituents to the State Government’s 63 members of the NY Senate can last a long time. They have two-year terms but there are no limits. This section seeks information that contributes to a better understanding of issues that confront our state representatives that share a portion of the Ninth Congressional District.

  • In 2016 Senate District 17 voted for Trump.  Details are here.

Do they share issues and solve problems?  It is difficult to tell.

For example, an analysis by participants in an effort to reform the Brooklyn political machine came up with this analysis by the New Kings Democrats. Is your Senator working for you or not?



SD Senator Party Open States
17 Simcha Felder Democratic Bills Positions
18 Martin Malave Dilan Democratic Bills Positions
19 Roxanne J. Persaud Democratic Bills Positions
20 Jesse Hamilton Democratic Bills Positions
21 Kevin S Parker Democratic Bills Positions
22 Martin J Golden Republican Bills Positions
25 Velmanette Montgomery Democratic Bills Positions

I will do research on my:

Assemblymember orSenate member orCity Councilmember that shares a part of CD9