Indivisible Brooklyn

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This outfit has remained keenly interested in Federal, State, and City races using the following resources serving Brooklyn voters. They will put people on the street,  get them out organizing and into the voting booths of election districts throughout Brooklyn. Decision Workbook:  Social Media Best Practices Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  

Affordable Housing

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We can dream and have goals, but it is impossible to think things into existence? No, dect action is required to be creative. A leader needs parents and friends that believe in action. A leader needs to be interested in exploring new steps and strategies that will end inequality and injustice. That leader is Adem Bundedekko.  His challenge of Yvette Clarke is good for the Ninth Congressional District. We need new leadership and if Adem fails, another will rise because we need leadership that works hard. Action takes courage, ideas, funding and time. If you would like more of that in the Ninth Congressional District (Map). We are asking Adem and everyone who reads this to share your personal experience, ideas, and actions in response to the issues and responses on housing. Report on Hot Buttons The average cost of new housing construction in NY is about $360 per square foot.  Using this figure, the […]

Ranked Choice Vote

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It is possible to be represented differently. FairVote is a reform idea calling for multi-member districts. Voting could be about ranking the candidates, not choosing the single best person—a reform called ranked-choice voting (RCV).  Fascinating. You can read more about this idea and make your own projections for the 2018 congressional elections at Fair Voting.  A small commission is forming to evaluate this choice for voter reform already in use in Maine and Minnesota. If this group interests you let us know.      

Election Districts

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Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, says the world is getting better, and from a “regression to the mean” point of view he is probably right. His book got lots of attention from Bill Gates (his blog) in January 2018. The difficulty with the super wealthy is their compulsion for optimism despite the preponderance of outlier data. The source for the outlook that everyone else has, the other 99%, is local and highly specific. Averages do not apply, they are voter-irrelevant. Americans who are poor and low- and moderate-income are struggling but “OK” using “averages”, but this does not alter the perception of unfair conditions that build gaps in the experience of people. Poor safety, and the inadequate nutrition of “food desert” neighborhoods are real experiences. The constant media reminder of a vast wealth gap is easy to accept as that gap is easy to define, but difficult to […]

CD9 & Stress

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Exploring the following group of analysts will produce one of the more fascinating introductions to key indicators of economic stress. Have a good long look at the work of the EIG. It will give you RTC. Put your zip code in the search box and for the Ninth Congressional District insert NY-9 in the map below. In NYC, opportunities to become involved in innovation for economic recovery could be the Ninth Congressional District. Find people who have read Section Subchapter Z— Opportunity Zones in the Tax Reform Act.  (pdf is HERE)  Only 25% of CTs (defined as low-income can be nominated by the State.  NYC has several of these ‘zones’ from previous designations.  (EIG explanation).   If anyone has any insight into this EIG outfit, please share. EIG – Economic Innovation Group RTC – Reasons to Continue Zip Code Congressional District