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Restoration Story

Restoration Methods

You have heard this before, “Never doubt that small groups of people change the world, it is the only way it ever has changed.” It is credited to Margaret Mead. George Monbiot describes this idea through the history of economics in a few brilliant minutes. It comes down to communities and neighborhoods who develop the ability to trust in cooperation and believe in our combined capacity for altruism.

A Restoration Story

I am white and live in a black community. I was out of the city to see family and attend a funeral when a brief blackout occurred that covered much of the NYC. One of the first actions one of our neighbors took was to get a couple of bats, with his sons and go to the roof of our Terrace to defend, not just his home, but the entire row of homes that we share. If I had been home in NYC I never would have thought of this action. The phrase “stronger together” is a powerful force of many unknown sources.

To me, that is a restoration story that George is talking about — one that describes how our individual actions can serve our entire community by knowing what we share. If and when the threat of chaos surrounds who we are as people, and what we are as a nation this is how change becomes creative.

The entire content of this site examines our political leadership. It is a way for participants in its content to look for the means and methods that assure and confirm our ability to look out for one another.