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Using the map below I found my Election District to work for a primary challenger.  A network is forming with at least one or more people in each district of CD9.  One that will enrich our understanding of the “voting neighborhoods.”  An example is the “NYS Voter Enrollment by Election District, Party Affiliation, and Status for Voters Registered as of November 1, 2017.” (This document is available from the NYS Board of Elections as a PDF and easily converted to a spreadsheet for analysis).  

My Example: Election District straddles one block east and west of Flatbush Avenue south from Caton Ave and north of Albemarle Road. I can get the number of votes cast in 2018 and work to get a number selected to meet a 2020 win goal for my candidate. 

Here is the really good part: my election district in the Ninth CD is a swing district especially in a presidential election year.  The map above is taken from the map below. Click on it to read street names and find your ED. My district has 1,195 registered voters of which 948 are Democrats, 41 are Republican, 4 are Conservative, 3 are Green Party, 2 Working Family, 4 Independents. There are 178 under the heading “blank.”  A train station is near by and runs through the entire district.  A win could be easy, if the campaign starts before the end of the year, all it takes is a card that says your candidates name, and says Change your Life, vote in the Primary with a website address.

Tasks for the Ninth Congressional District

  1. Find Election Districts you can work and get your data (from my BoE pdf).
  2. Share that information using the form below and work the district for voters.
  3. Build a canvassing plan with us. Your polling place, key locations
  4. Find and motivate more people. The average in EDs is around 800 Dems.
  5. Get voters to promise you they will vote Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  6.  Our candidate. Work on a schedule to convince voters to vote.
  7. Powered by Socrata Have a look at your location using this map above – click and scroll to find it.

Select a location and complete the form below. With contact, it is possible to share resources and ideas about the community and its development. 

For example, half of the employment in the Ninth Congressional District is in health and related social services. The health care issue in the Ninth is about their jobs and their health.

Like all information online, ED lines and da.a will not be 100% accurate, but useful enough to organize a 2020 canvas project for votes from the neighborhoods of the 9th Congressional District.  Your vote and canvassing for a candidate is your business.

Next, examine the 2020 vote by the Election Districts (ED) around the local offices of the challenger Adem and the incumbent, Yvette.  At first glance, the location of Adem’s office appears to be opportunistic and Yvette’s strategic.

The 26 June 2018 Primary

Cards on the table in that primary.  I did like Adem and Yvette too but only as a person.  I believe she follows to lead and while acceptable, it is no longer enough to keep our Democracy real or even useful for a city as great as NYC.  It is time for a change to be made in the Ninth Congressional District.

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