• Free Parking

    Free Parking

    Ever since the High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup hit the bookstores, the density killer (AKA – the private car) is getting more and more attention.  As editor of Access Magazine, his introduction to the issue on parking is brilliant as in even, […]

  • Embed


    We live in a culture that embeds information, and where the most important things tend to go unsaid. All of us put information into machines that will retrieve data on practically anything imaginable from an alarm clock to an AI […]

  • Midtown Eastside

    Midtown Eastside

    Manhattan is a “playground” for wealth with an interest in keeping enough households to assure maintenance and basic services. It is called eighty-twenty. The building at 432 Park Avenue is its new beacon, sans the “twenty”. All 104 condos are […]

  • Seven Declarations

    Seven Declarations

    Declarations develop an emotional capacity for change on behalf of family and community, a town or city, a state and nation, province and commonwealth. The following declarations describe qualities of life known to the people and organizations of the dense […]

  • The Unlimited Inside

    The Unlimited Inside

     The Unlimited Outside Requires an Unlimited Inside.  Density Saves the Wilderness and Supports Sustainable Agriculture. The global colonization and destruction narrative promotes investment in every technical solution required to sustain centuries of powerful economic growth except one – population. Population […]

  • Networks


    Our cognitive mapping abilities are well documented. The addition of GPS devices to this research yield new pictures of everything that moves in the urban world. By adding urban spatial knowledge of multiple sources to our individual navigations we should anticipate […]

  • Limited Expansiveness

    Limited Expansiveness

    From 1800 to 2000, planning, engineering and architecture, served to create a vast expansion of the urban world. It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that the consequences of this work turned elusively unpleasant. In 2010, over eighty-five […]