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  • New Building on 21st

    New Building on 21st

    AKNA Research 222 East 21st Street or 571 Ocean Avenue   In a brief look at past work of this developer and architect, there are concerns regarding the use of materials and the lack of detailing and the possibility that a […]

  • Wireline 2017

    Wireline 2017

    It was a busy April morning in 2017 when three clean, Verizon Cable trucks rolled onto the Terraces with a bunch of scrappy linemen eager to drag us into the twenty-first century. Data-structure, Inc. was just leaving, and it seemed […]

  • Survey Visit

    Survey Visit

        Byers Engineering Company 285 Davidson Ave., Suite 203 Somerset, NJ 08873-4153 Survey visit “for right of way” occured again on August 20, 2015 with a drop by visit from Chris Wojtowicz of Byers Engineering  He confirmed Verizon’s Engineer, Wasserman’s […]

  • Eric Action V on Notice

    Eric Action V on Notice

      Lawsuit Begin Against Spectrum-Time Warner Cable & Charter Communications The suit alleges these companies have defrauded New Yorkers on the advertised Internet speeds and Performance vs. actual performance.  This also puts Verizon on notice for non-compliance of its franchise agreements […]

  • What to Expect

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Expectations are difficult to manage and different for everyone as everyone needs will vary. I found this presentation to be one the few YouTube presentations that describe the FiOS installation process in a […]

  • Verifiable Verizon

    Verifiable Verizon

    Using this NYC Complaint Link I requested help in contacting Verizon regarding service. I received the following letter. I am flabbergasted beyond belief.   Dear Mr. Curry, The local team has confirmed that Verizon has obtained all the necessary rights of way […]

  • Verizon’s Political Contributions

    Verizon’s Political Contributions

    The Center for Responsive Politics keeps a record of corporate dollars for political representatives. The table and map (below) looks at the House of Representatives for Brooklyn and surroundings. AKNA’s representative is Yvette Clarke (D-NY District 9, First elected 2006, election 2016 (won) […]

  • Verizon Timeline

    Verizon Timeline

    The strike over the next few weeks is as good a reason to begin the clock on how long it will take to get high speed service following the completion of the AKNA end of the process.  The main question […]

  • VZ Engineering (Com-Hydra)

    VZ Engineering (Com-Hydra)

    VZ Engineering is known to be terrible and likely to be the only Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) that decides not to upgrade a single strand of wire and resist the placement of fiber.  The proof is in, and 30% […]

  • Thank the Lourdes, Charles and fabco!

    Thank the Lourdes, Charles and fabco!

    On January 11, 2016 at 11:58:21 AM, Charles Zollo, AKNA’s contact person from the Engineering Firm — Lourdes wrote to us regarding their progress in getting “right of way” for FiOS to the Terraces: We found a new way to […]

  • NYS Attorney General

    NYS Attorney General

    As we keep our fingers crossed about Verizon’s accountability to AKNA and NYC, please take a moment to add this squeak to our wheel.  It only takes a minute to do this speed test recommended by the Attorney General Eric […]

  • Community Forum 11.17.15

    On November 17, 2015, AKNA attended the FiOS Rollout Forum conducted by Common Cause NY led by Susan Lerner, and the Consumers Union led by Charles Bell. Public forums are one of the ways to hold Verizon NY (VNY) and […]



    #WAITING4FIOS  In 2008, Verizon promised the people of New York City that it would wire all corners of the city with high speed fiber optic cable, bringing competition to internet, video and phone service in New York City in order […]

  • Verizon FiOS request for Right of Way

    Verizon FiOS has heard the AKNA internet group’s pleas and is surveying our street for possible installation! You might be receiving a letter in the mail asking for Right of Way or Access to your home in order to commence […]

  • City Council Hearing

    The whole council hearing was slow and inept because our Council Members, like NYC Members of Congress, get a few bucks from Verizon, etc. as well. Nevertheless, Councilmember Brad Lander (“Spanky”) managed to get to the point.  (Look up your […]

  • Resident Survey

    Resident Survey

    The AKNA IT project will produce choice for affordable communication services. Without choice selecting affordable options for these services are unlikely if not impossible. Thank you for responding. Loading…

  • AKNA Mail 2

    We began this project in June 2015 following a visit from Chris Wasserman, Verizon Engineer.  He agreed to answer any question.  We sent four in July 26, 2015.  He responded August 12, 2015. From: Wasserman, Christopher Sent: Wed August 12, […]

  • AKNA Mail 1

    AKNA Mail 1

    Letters to Verizon and our political representatives were mailed 7.17.2015 The image above represents our first set of formal letters to Verizon officials and AKNA political representatives. We shall see if a response occurs and report them in future posts. […]

  • Coorespondence


       The vague response. The following is best summed up in this “City Council” post . Did anyone else complain or ask for accountability from Verizon who pays its CEO $30 million a year?  I know, you’re afraid the big […]

  • SandyNet of Sandy, OR

    Sandy, Oregon is a rural town of 3600, so they don’t have a whole lot in common with our neighborhood when it comes to information infrastructure. But they did get fed up with ISPs who refused to run a broadband data line to […]

  • Susan Crawford

    This is not about us. The most important hour you can spend on this issue is with Susan Crawford. Here’s why: Americans need a fast, reliable Internet. They are not getting it. The market has failed to supply this new, but basic […]

  • The Trouble

    The Trouble

     Is Somewhere Between the Pole and Babylon Day 9.   To read it all, hit the link above. “Rage has caffeine enough. I dial 866.995.5632 from bed and demand to speak to a supervisor. There is resistance. I beg. I […]

  • Resources


    This is an outreach page. It will list people and organizations who are leading the way for reliable and affordable access to the Internet. Suggestions and comments to improve the resource page are welcome. This outfit works for a free and […]

  • Testimony


    The hearing was packed with people.  About fifty workers from the CWA and another fifty people like us and some officials from community boards, the NYC Comptroller (audit report) and the Public Utility Law Project (analysis).  It was fun and informative – nothing […]

  • PSC on Verizon

    PSC on Verizon

     Testimony & Video To Submit a Comment to the PSC  Audrey Zibelman, Chief Executive Officer Contact: James Denn | (518) 474-7080 re: 15052/14-C-0370 Internet or Mail In addition to speaking at the formal hearings, members of the public […]

  • DoITT Report Summary

    DoITT Report Summary

    The findings of the report are as follows: Verizon is not in compliance with its agreement since it has not truly “passed” all residential households in New York City. The report states, “…the argument that “passing” a premises with fiber […]

  • Call to Action

    Call to Action

      The approximate FiOS footprint in four of NYC’s 5 boroughs as of June 30, 2014 (via the Broadband Map) Brooklyn and the AKNA area is highlighted (right) A letter to our representatives in the City Council and U.S. Congress […]

  • Wired and Wireless

    Wired and Wireless

    The language of telecommunications takes some getting used to, so here is a brief summary of the basics. Line Technologies are: Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) is the “Gold Standard” in broadband technology. FTTP is the most expensive to deploy, […]

  • Investigations

    The videos posted below were taken just for fun… But, then again they are a record of the existing and rapidly deteriorating condition of our 19th c. phone lines.  Don’t get me wrong, this copper is important to us, it remains […]

  • DoITT Slams Verizon

    DoITT Slams Verizon

    DoITT is the agency responsible for a level of review.  Please volunteer to delve into its mysteries and possible service to AKNA. Here is a link:   Website: DoITT June 18, 2014  DoITT Report Slams Verizon The New York City’s Department of […]