New Building on 21st


222 e 21 MAPAKNA Research 222 East 21st Street
571 Ocean Avenue


In a brief look at past work of this developer and architect, there are concerns regarding the use of materials and the lack of detailing and the possibility that a brick façade and other contextual elements will be poorly done. If you are interested in doing some homework representing AKNA, use the form below.

Two reasons for compiling the following information for review so far:

  1. Do whatever AKNA can to do to assure the developer and architect will produce a development that meets or exceeds Quality Housing Standards.
  2. Establish a relationship with city agencies (HPD, DoB, EPA) local organizations (FDC, CD14, CAMBA) and the City Council that will encourage this result.  Why? The quality of the 21st facade should not be compromised.

Questions that need answers:

  1. Who at HPD, DoB will be conducting reviews and inspections?
  2. Will it be 80/20 Inclusionary Housing?  The plan is for 115 Units.
  3. What is the history and reputation of the Developer and the Architect?

A PDF with more detail is available HERE  Articles on the project  “The Real Deal”, “City Realty”