FiOS is now available. Yea!. Thank you for all your help.

Now, if any AKNA members, residents, friends and colleagues want to take on some new issues, this resource awaits some ideas.  For example:

  1. Investigate 221 E. 21st. (see menu above or go to “POSTS PAGE” and look for updates.  Comment to receive updates.
  2. Please use the AKNA Group list serve to share and develop ideas on day-to-day issues, e.g. house sitting, contractors, observations on the new housing site, and so on.
  3. Another idea is to take an interest from Nov. 2018 to Nov. 2020 through the lens of our Ninth Congressional  District.  I like the idea of AKNA voting as a block of votes, for local reps like the city council, just to see what happens.  Have a look at a blog for this – HERE.  

Add a brief comment or just your email address here or anywhere where you see this box to get updates.